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Who We Are

The Society of Israeli Stage Designers represents all active designers in all the theaters in Israel and in all design areas - set, costumes, lighting and video.

The Society has set itself the goal of promoting issues related to the fields of design as part of the cultural complex in Israel. The members of the association take an active part in the management of the association, with the understanding that the association of designers together will raise the level of professionalism in the field of stage design in Israel and strengthen their status.

The Society of Israeli Stage Designers is a member of the Israeli Theater Creators Forum.

Members of the Society - experienced and new alike, are invited to take an active part in the committees, offer ideas for promoting the association and be involved, In the implementation and management of the association on an ongoing basis.


The Society of Israeli Stage Designers was founded as a registered association in January 1982.

The four founders of the association are:

The late Moshe Sternfeld

The late Eli Sinai

Ben-Zion Munitz

And Eitan Levy.

In February 2012, at a conference of active designers from all fields of stage design,

it was decided to resume the association's activities.

They renewed its activities under the name: "The Association of Stage Designers in Israel"

(Agudat Meazvey Bama in Israel - AMBI),and was administered by five members of the Board of Directors elected at the General Meeting.

During 2013-2014, the association held two design exhibitions for the theater:

'This is not a children's game' - stage design, costumes, lighting, accessories and puppets for children's shows in Israel and 'Blue and white design' - a retrospective of design for original Israeli plays in the past and present.

The association also participated in an exhibition in Prague in 2019.

Today, about 100 stage designers and students, are registered as members of the association.

Activities Today

The Society of Israeli Stage Designers has set itself the goal of improving and promoting the professional status of its members. By strengthening solidarity, a sense of belonging and transparency among members, with a common goal of safeguarding professional and economic interests and protecting their rights.

In recent years, emphasis has also been placed on the development of the digital media side in order to expose the association and its members to the Internet out of an understanding of the power inherent in these systems and the ability to create connections in Israel and abroad .

Ongoing Treatment

We regularly deal with issues such as the employment agreements and terms of employment of its members through dedicated committees.

Members are welcome to use the agreements recommended by the Society and contact the committee to expose unfair working conditions.

The Cultural Field

The Society of Israeli Stage Designers has an active website, Instagram page and Facebook -

where you can get an impression of the members work and activities. The Society members takes part in the activities of the international organization OISTAT , which represents theatre creators all over the world and participates once every four years in the world exhibition for stage design.

The Professional Field

We strive to achieve excellence in our work and lead the theatrical work in Israel

with professionalism and high work ethic.

The Israeli Theatre Creators Forum

The Society of Israeli Stage Designers is a member of The Theatre Creators Forum in Israel,

which was established in 2020.

The forum has three representatives from the association who take an active part in decisions, in a way that will serve the interests of all designers and their rights.

The Theater Creators Forum includes representatives of the associations of all theater creators in Israel: The Directors Association 'BETI', the Musicians Association, the Playwrights Association and the Theater Choreographers' Association.

Management of the Society

The management is done according to the bylaws.

Maintaining proper work practices in the management of society is one of the pillars of its existence. The society's budget is based on a monthly payment membership fee. The application to join the society will be examined by the committee, with emphasis on the criteria agreed upon in the bylaws

The Structure of Society

Once a year the members are invited to a general meeting where the main issues of that year and regular updates, are raised to the members.

The society is appointed by a minimum of four members elected by the general meeting, agreed by the members that it consists of one representative from each field to produce an appropriate and proper representation for all areas of design - set, costumes, lighting and video.

The committee outlines a policy that is consistent with the mindset of the members and is responsible for its implementation.

All roles holders in the society are voluntarily and without pay.

In addition, there are dedicated committees that are engaged in the ongoing treatment of specific issues and their promotion.

In the committee reserve a place for an experienced designer who can contribute from From his vast knowledge.

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